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Root Canal

There are several different components of a tooth. At the very core of every tooth lies the main ‘nerve’.

In cases where the nerve of a tooth has been affected, a root canal treatment may be the only option to retain the tooth. Oftentimes, such cases are made apparent by varying degrees of pain. However, in other cases, there may be no accompanying pain. If left untreated, either of the cases will eventually lead to an infection in the area, which may progress to additional problems. Your dentist will routinely check for the status of the nerves In susceptible areas.

Upon confirming the need for a root canal treatment, your dentist will explain to you the cause of the problem, as well as the proper solution.

Once the area is numbed, your doctor will cleanse the affected area and place a filling. Oftentimes, root canal treatments are made necessary as a result of major tooth decay. While the final filling itself may be considered ‘permanent’, a significant part of the tooth structure will have been compromised by the extent of the initial decay. In a lot of cases, it is recommended to place a crown to prevent further damage.

In rare cases, the extent of the underlying dental infection may have progressed too much. While proceeding with the root canal treatment may still be an option, the overall prognosis may not be as good as when compared to root canal treatments in other conditions. It is also important to ensure that the bone surrounding the tooth is in a favourable condition to ensure the longevity of the tooth once the treatment has been completed. Your dentist will carefully assess the area, as well as any other complicating factors, and discuss the expected outcomes with you prior to starting treatment.

What is Endodontic Treatment and Why is it Necessary for You?

The term ‘endodontic treatment’ describes the systematic treatment of inflamed tooth nerves and dead teeth.

The nerves of the tooth are located inside the tooth and lie in root canals. Root canal treatment is correspondingly tricky and demanding. During the procedure, by using specialized instruments, the nerve and the inflamed or dead tissues are entirely removed from the complex root canal system.

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