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Tooth Extractions

Although In many cases it is recommended to save the tooth, an extraction may be the better option in certain situations. Some examples arise if too much tooth structure has been lost to tooth decay; if the tooth has gone through an extensive fracture; or if there is not enough bone support surrounding the tooth. Once a tooth is removed, there are several options to replace the missing tooth. Your dentist will discuss which option may be best for your specific needs.

Wisdom teeth extractions are commonly recommended, for reasons unique from other typical extractions. Often, people do not have enough space for the wisdom teeth to erupt fully. Some wisdom teeth may erupt partially through the gums. These are prone to recurrent infections, as the area is difficult to keep clean and continually serves as a store for bacteria to build up. Other wisdom teeth may be completed impacted below the gumline but may damage the adjacent tooth roots by way of constant forward pressure. And lastly, some while some wisdom teeth may erupt entirely, they may be located such that they are very challenging to keep clean. This may result in tooth decay in not only the wisdom tooth itself but also the molar adjacent to it.

Oftentimes, it is recommended to have the wisdom teeth removed during the later-teenage years or during the twenties. However, for some people, it may still be recommended to have the wisdom teeth removed even if they may be the ideal age range.

Conversely, in some cases, the opposite may be true, where it may be recommended to keep the wisdom teeth. There are many factors involved in this decision, and your dentist will review these with you during your regular check-up appointment. Once the area is numbed, your dentist will remove the tooth with dental instruments. Once removed, the area will be packed with gauze, and you will be given gauze with both written and verbal care-instructions.

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