Do You Have Receding Gums? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

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Do You Have Receding Gums? We Can Treat It!

The mouth is the window to your overall health. It can reveal signs that your body may be experiencing a more severe health problem than meets the eye. Receding gums are a common dental problem that many people face. However, you may not even realize you have it. After all, it happens gradually. Here are some common symptoms of gum recession:

  • Gums That Easily Bleed After Brushing or Flossing – Brushing your teeth intensely or excessively can damage the softer tissues surrounding your gum line and may affect how the gums protect your teeth, thus resulting in receding gums.
  • Bad Breath Halitosis – Having halitosis could be one of the indications of receding gums. When harmful bacteria have infiltrated inside the mouth, especially around or inside the gum line, your gums will become more vulnerable to infections resulting in halitosis.
  • Tooth Roots That Are Slowly Exposing – Exposed tooth roots are one of the evident effects of receding gums. There are multiple reasons why a tooth’s roots are exposed, such as gum diseases, poor oral hygiene, and excessively brushing your teeth.
  • Heightened Teeth Sensitivity – If you are experiencing heightened teeth sensitivity, it is time to book an appointment at McCall Dental today. An increasing teeth sensitivity can indicate numerous oral problems, and one of those indications is receding gums.
  • Loose Teeth – An additional indicator of receding gums are your loose teeth. There are various reasons why our gums lose their grip on our teeth, and two of the most common reasons are gum disease and gum recession.

What Causes Gum Recession?

Gum recession is a regular occurrence among people of all ages. Poor oral hygiene, teeth grinding, and smoking nicotine are great contributors to gum recession.

How To Prevent Gum Recession

The only choice to prevent gradual gum recession is to see a Calgary dentist regularly. A receding gum line is inevitable as you age, as your bones and gums start to wear down. It is essential to take care of our oral health to prolong the healthiness of our teeth and gums and delay the effects of gum recession.

What Treatments Fix Receding Gums?

A receding gum’s treatment can vary from the type of case it belongs to, from your gums showing mild signs of gum recession such as bleeding gums to a more severe symptom such as exposing your tooth roots slowly. Everyone fears losing their gums eventually as they age. That is why it is vital to keep in mind that we should also do our part in maintaining our oral health and visiting a Calgary dentist twice a year to prevent oral problem complications.
In short, besides the problems that receding gums can cause, it can be a warning sign of cardiovascular diseases or other health problems. If you notice that your gums are receding, see a Calgary dentist immediately. McCall Dental, a Calgary dentist, can help you with your oral health problems and needs by providing a comprehensive checkup and personalized treatment. Contact us today at 587-747-0888 to book your consultation!