Botox Near You

Botox is traditionally used cosmetically for fine lines and wrinkles as an anti-aging solution. From a dental standpoint it can also be used to improve the appearance of gummy smiles and uneven lips. For therapeutic reasons, it can be used to relax facial muscles and provides relief to patients suffering from chronic migraines and headaches, as well as jaw pain relating to TMJ or bruxism.

botox near you

Botox Treatment for TMD and Migraines

Botox is an effective treatment for relieving pain as a result of TMD or migraines. When your jaw muscles are strained, they contract, which can lead to muscle spasm, pain, and soreness. Botox injections can help prevent the muscles from tensing around your jawline.

Cosmetic Botox for Facial Esthetics

If you often have a clicking or popping sound when opening and closing your mouth, you might have TMD. TMD is the name given to several problems with jaw movement and pain in and around the jaw. When jaw muscles are strained, they contract, which leads to muscle spasm, neck pain, frequent headaches, migraines, and in some cases, tooth sensitivity. While some treatments include aspirin or wearing a small plastic guard while sleeping, Botox is gaining popularity as a treatment. A few botox injections can relax the muscles, thus helping to prevent the muscles from tensing around your jawline, thereby reducing the intensity of the muscle contractions that contribute to TMD and facial pain.

High Lip Line

Traditionally, the treatment for a high lip line would most likely be surgery. Botox can offer a much less invasive option for patients and can help raise your gingival height to meet the lip line. With botox and potentially a crown or bridge, we are able to establish a more symmetrical dental aesthetic for your smile. With some Botox Therapy and lip augmentation with dermal fillers, the muscles surrounding the lip are weakened so they cannot raise the lip as high as before.

Whether it’s receiving Botox to reduce visible lines, help improve a high lip line, or to alleviate jaw pain, we believe function and aesthetics are partners in achieving optimal health.