Dental Bridges Near You

A dental bridge is a prosthetic that’s designed to help restore your smile, specifically smiles that are missing one or multiple teeth.

Each bridge is composed of a few distinct parts: the pontic, or artificial tooth that fills in the empty socket, and two abutments or connecting pieces. These abutments are fastened onto the teeth that stand on either side of the space and help keep the bridge in place.

Metals, like gold or silver, can be used to create your dental bridge, but most people prefer porcelain instead. Not only is porcelain durable and resistant to stains, but it easily blends in with the natural colour of your smile.

For more information about this restorative treatment, don’t hesitate to reach out to your dentist. They’ll be able to answer all your questions about obtaining dental bridges in NE Calgary.

dental bridges near you

The Types of Dental Bridges

Four types of dental bridges in NE Calgary are available to you, and they are:

  1. A traditional dental bridge – This device consists of a pontic held in place by dental crowns. This type of bridge is especially great if you still have healthy natural teeth.
  2. Cantilever bridge – In this case, the pontic is only stabilized using one dental crown, placed on a neighbouring tooth. If you’re missing a tooth at the back of your mouth, this is a good choice to consider.
  3. Maryland bridge – Like a traditional bridge, this device doesn’t incorporate dental crowns. A metal or porcelain framework is installed behind your neighbouring teeth.
  4. Implant-supported bridge – For every tooth that you’re missing, a dental implant is installed into your jawbone. This provides immense support for your smile.

It takes at least two appointments to receive a dental bridge. During the first appointment, your dentist will evaluate your mouth and take x-rays. Then they’ll have impressions made; these are sent to the dental lab where your prosthetic is created. It takes between two to three weeks for your bridge to be made. Once it’s ready, you’ll return to have it placed.

With that said, before receiving any dental prosthetic, be sure to book a consultation with a dentist near you. They’ll help identify which type of bridge is best suited to your unique case. They’ll also walk you through the process from start to finish so you know what to expect.

Why Consider a Dental Bridge Near Me?

Multiple benefits come with receiving a dental bridge, in addition to replacing missing teeth:

  • They help restore the overall appearance of your smile.
  • Help you eat properly and, by extension, repairs your bite.
  • Improves your ability to talk.
  • Stop your other teeth from shifting out of place.
  • Help maintain the shape of your face.
  • It’ll boost your self-esteem!

Are you looking to receive dental bridges in NE Calgary? At McCall Dental, we’re here to assist you with all your oral health endeavours. Call or pop over to our website now to get started. Our friendly staff looks forward to working with you soon!

General Dentistry Near You

When you come in to receive general dentistry in NE Calgary, your dentist will typically treat your teeth and gums. The primary goal of general dentistry is to preserve your oral health and help you maintain it in the future. This entails preventing the development of cavities, sores, and gum disease.

general dentistry near you

Dental Cleanings and Checkups

Dentists recommend receiving a cleaning and checkup twice a year, or at least every six months. During these appointments, your dentist removes all plaque and tartar from your mouth, takes a series of x-rays, and provides you with a fluoride treatment to keep decay from manifesting. All these steps are done because they allow your dentist to establish an accurate picture of your oral health.

General dentistry is also known as family dentistry or preventative dentistry. This branch of oral health care is primarily focused on preserving your smile and, by extension, limiting the potential for more serious issues to occur. When you undergo treatment for general dentistry near you, the appointment will begin with a physical evaluation of your teeth and gums and x-rays. Your hygiene habits at home will also be discussed. This information helps your dentist establish a clear picture of the health of your smile and identify the appropriate steps that need to be taken next. For more information about general dentistry in NE Calgary, contact us at McCall Dental today.

Sedation Dentistry

Does the thought of going to the dentist cause you to feel anxious? Are you unable to sit still in the dental chair? Maybe your teeth are very sensitive when you’re having dental work done. Regardless of the reason, our clinic provides sedation dentistry, specifically nitrous oxide sedation, to those who need it. You’ll be kept extremely comfortable throughout your entire visit.


A dental bridge is just what it sounds like: it’s a structure that effectively bridges the gap between teeth. You won’t have to deal with spaces in your smile anymore. An artificial tooth is inserted in the gap and held in place by two dental crowns that fasten onto your neighboring teeth.

Alongside missing teeth, you may be an ideal candidate for this treatment if you’re dealing with gum disease or oral trauma. Your dentist will be able to determine if this service is indeed the best option for you by taking x-rays and examining your oral cavity.

Though this structure is typically used to replace a single missing tooth, depending on your situation, it can be utilized to replace two, three, or four teeth, and sometimes more. Talk to your dentist today for more information.

Yes, they can. Trauma, an impact from a sports game, or incorrect placement may cause your bridge to fall out of position. If this happens, be sure to visit your dentist right away so they can address the problem and get your smile back to normal.

No. Once your bridge has been installed, it’ll fit and feel natural. You’ll be able to get back to all your daily activities and be able to treat your bridge as you would your ordinary teeth.

Experiencing a bit of sensitivity following your appointment is normal; it should fade within a few days. But if it lingers beyond that, be sure to contact your dentist.