Dental Cleaning Near You

We all love feeling fresh and clean and having our mouths feel that way is equally as wonderful. Coming in to have your teeth and gums tended to by an oral health professional, specifically through a routine cleaning and checkup, is the best method to achieve this. Having a clean oral cavity not only eliminates bad breath but helps reduce plaque and tartar from gathering and spreading along your gum line and down into your roots. For more information about dental cleanings & checkups in NE Calgary, get in touch with our local practice today!

dental cleaning & checkups near you

A Brief Overview

Dentists frequently advise patients to come in and have your mouth examined and cleaned at least twice a year. This allows both you and your dentist to identify and address any potential issues before they become a more serious concern.

Usually, dental cleanings and checkups are combined into a single appointment. The latter entails having a comprehensive oral evaluation done and multiple x-rays being taken. Your mouth will be cleaned afterward. If you’re dealing with gum disease or receiving orthodontic treatment, for example, you may need to come in for subsequent checkups so your progress can be monitored more closely.

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What Does a Dental Cleaning and Checkup Include?

This entire process can be done in a single visit and should take no more than sixty minutes.

Cleanings and checkups are often performed by a dental hygienist; your dentist will pop in occasionally to make sure everything is in order with your oral health before you go.

First, your hygienist will thoroughly examine your mouth and then take x-rays. Next, any plaque and tartar will be removed from the surface of your teeth and your gums. The tools used to do this include a small mirror and a scaler. Once it’s all gone, your teeth will be scrubbed nice and good with an electric brush before being flossed. The toothpaste will taste gritty and sometimes you’ll be able to choose what flavor you’d like it to be. This all helps polish your teeth to a shine while protecting your enamel.

Lastly, we have the fluoride treatment. Fluoride can come as a foamy gel that’s squirted into two trays that slip over your top and bottom teeth, as a liquid that you swish, or it can be painted directly on your teeth. Regardless of its form, the fluoride remains on your teeth for a minute; then you can spit and rinse.

Then you’re all done! You’ll be asked to book a follow-up appointment prior to leaving the dental clinic.

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