Dental Crowns Near You

Needing a little extra protection for your teeth is by no means a bad thing. When you receive a dental crown, not only will your tooth be protected from further damage, but it’ll provide strengthen and repair the appearance of your entire smile too.

For more information about receiving a dental crown, book a consultation with a dentist near you today. They’ll be able to explain each stage of the process to you, so you aren’t met with any surprises.

dental crowns near you

What Are Dental Crowns?

Just like a crown is designed to fit over a king’s head, a dental crown is a small cap that’s designed to fit over the top of a damaged tooth. They’re also incorporated into other dental treatments, usually restorative ones. Listed below are the main reasons why your dentist may recommend receiving treatment for a dental crown in NE Calgary:

  • Chipped or cracked teeth.
  • Your tooth is worn down or weakened.
  • To hide severe discoloration.
  • If you have a cavity that’s too large for a traditional dental filling to remedy.
  • To cover up irregularly shaped teeth.
  • Installed as part of dental implant treatment.
  • Protecting a tooth that’s just receiving root canal therapy.

Furthermore, just like dental bridges, and fillings, dental crowns can be made from metal, typically gold or silver, ceramic, porcelain, or composite resin. Traditionally, metal was frequently used because of its durability and because it’s more affordable. However, porcelain, ceramic, and resin have certainly become more popular since they can seamlessly blend in with the natural shade of your smile. You can also receive a combination of porcelain and metal.

If you’re unsure whether you should acquire a dental crown near you, reach out to your dentist. They’ll tell you if you’re a suitable candidate for this process, or if an alternative course of action would be more appropriate for your unique case.

Receiving a Dental Crown in NE Calgary

At least two separate appointments are needed to receive a dental crown. Your dentist will begin by evaluating your mouth and taking some x-rays. This helps them create an accurate picture of your oral health and the extent of care you require to get things back to normal.

Next, they’ll take impressions of your mouth; these are sent off to the dental lab to make your permanent crown. Your afflicted tooth will be filed down so that your dental crown can fit better. A temporary crown will be placed over top of the tooth in the meantime.

Once your permanent prosthetic is ready, you’ll return to receive it. Your dentist will make sure that it fits you exactly and that your bite is normal before letting you leave.

At McCall Dental, we offer convenient treatment for dental crowns near you. Our friendly staff is here to walk alongside you and answer any questions you have. So, call, come in, or head over to our website to get started.

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General Dentistry Near You

When you come in to receive general dentistry in NE Calgary, your dentist will typically treat your teeth and gums. The primary goal of general dentistry is to preserve your oral health and help you maintain it in the future. This entails preventing the development of cavities, sores, and gum disease.

general dentistry near you

Dental Cleanings and Checkups

Dentists recommend receiving a cleaning and checkup twice a year, or at least every six months. During these appointments, your dentist removes all plaque and tartar from your mouth, takes a series of x-rays, and provides you with a fluoride treatment to keep decay from manifesting. All these steps are done because they allow your dentist to establish an accurate picture of your oral health.

General dentistry is also known as family dentistry or preventative dentistry. This branch of oral health care is primarily focused on preserving your smile and, by extension, limiting the potential for more serious issues to occur. When you undergo treatment for general dentistry near you, the appointment will begin with a physical evaluation of your teeth and gums and x-rays. Your hygiene habits at home will also be discussed. This information helps your dentist establish a clear picture of the health of your smile and identify the appropriate steps that need to be taken next. For more information about general dentistry in NE Calgary, contact us at McCall Dental today.

Sedation Dentistry

Does the thought of going to the dentist cause you to feel anxious? Are you unable to sit still in the dental chair? Maybe your teeth are very sensitive when you’re having dental work done. Regardless of the reason, our clinic provides sedation dentistry, specifically nitrous oxide sedation, to those who need it. You’ll be kept extremely comfortable throughout your entire visit.


You can think of a dental crown as a cap for your tooth, shielding it from further harm. Your dentist will take impressions so that the crown matches the dimensions of your tooth precisely.

Dentists frequently recommend getting a dental crown to repair the function and structure of a tooth that’s been damaged. Crowns can also be used to hold dental bridges in place, cover a cracked tooth, and protect a tooth that’s just undergone root canal therapy.

A few different types of crowns are available to you as a patient, including ones fabricated from metal, porcelain, a combination of metal and porcelain, and ceramic. There are benefits and drawbacks to each one; it all depends on your preferences, budget, your oral health needs, and what your dentist advises.

Dental crowns are made in a dental lab. Information gathered from impressions and x-rays is sent to the lab so that the resulting structure is customized to your smile and your smile only. This process takes around 2-3 weeks to complete. In the meantime, you’ll be provided with a temporary crown.

While a crown by itself cannot be used to replace missing teeth, they’re often incorporated into treatments that can. Examples include obtaining a dental implant or bridge.

Yes! Not only will a crown help preserve your tooth, but it’ll enhance the overall aesthetic of your smile at the same time. If you have any questions about this, contact our team today.