Dental Implants Near You

If you’re missing teeth, there are many ways you can go about restoring your smile including receiving dental bridges and dental implants. Dental implants are an especially great option to keep in mind not only because they are extremely reliable, but because they are considered a permanent solution.

This treatment is not exclusive to any one population, despite what society may say. For more information about dental implants in NE Calgary, contact our local dental practice.

dental implants near you

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a device that’s designed to provide stability and improve the functionality of your smile. It can be installed anywhere in your mouth.

Three parts comprise a single implant: the implant screw, the connecting piece, and the prosthetic that goes on top. The screw is surgically inserted into your jawbone. Over time, the two will fuse together, establishing a strong foundation of support for your smile. The connecting piece (also known as the abutment), is what attaches the screw to the prosthetic. Each of the pieces are fabricated from titanium, a material that is compatible with the human body and won’t degrade.

Lastly, the prosthetic is what fills in the actual space between your teeth. This is the only visible part of the implant. This piece is made from ceramic or porcelain; that way it’ll blend in with the natural shade of your smile. No one will be able to notice it at all!

To learn more about dental implants near you, speak to your dentist today.

Receiving Dental Implants in NE Calgary

At least two separate appointments are needed to receive dental implants.

During your first visit to the dentist, a comprehensive examination will be done, followed by some x-rays. This allows your dentist to identify the current state of your oral health and the degree of care that you need. Then you’ll have impressions made.

You’ll be provided with local anesthesia to help you stay relaxed as your dentist tends to your teeth. A dental drill is used to insert the screw into your jawbone. The abutment is installed after. Your mouth needs adequate time to heal after this, so you’ll return later to have your prosthetic placed.

It’s important that you book a consultation with your dentist before committing to anything. Your jawbone needs to be in good health, along with your other oral tissues. Don’t be afraid to make your dentist in NE Calgary aware of any questions or concerns you have about this process. They’ll be sure to guide you through the treatment from beginning to end, so you aren’t met with any surprises along the way.

Are you interested in receiving dental implants near you? If so, we’ve got you covered! At McCall Dental, our staff looks forward to helping you with all your dental needs. Call, come in, or hop on over to our website today!

General Dentistry Near You

When you come in to receive general dentistry in NE Calgary, your dentist will typically treat your teeth and gums. The primary goal of general dentistry is to preserve your oral health and help you maintain it in the future. This entails preventing the development of cavities, sores, and gum disease.

general dentistry near you

Dental Cleanings and Checkups

Dentists recommend receiving a cleaning and checkup twice a year, or at least every six months. During these appointments, your dentist removes all plaque and tartar from your mouth, takes a series of x-rays, and provides you with a fluoride treatment to keep decay from manifesting. All these steps are done because they allow your dentist to establish an accurate picture of your oral health.

General dentistry is also known as family dentistry or preventative dentistry. This branch of oral health care is primarily focused on preserving your smile and, by extension, limiting the potential for more serious issues to occur. When you undergo treatment for general dentistry near you, the appointment will begin with a physical evaluation of your teeth and gums and x-rays. Your hygiene habits at home will also be discussed. This information helps your dentist establish a clear picture of the health of your smile and identify the appropriate steps that need to be taken next. For more information about general dentistry in NE Calgary, contact us at McCall Dental today.

Sedation Dentistry

Does the thought of going to the dentist cause you to feel anxious? Are you unable to sit still in the dental chair? Maybe your teeth are very sensitive when you’re having dental work done. Regardless of the reason, our clinic provides sedation dentistry, specifically nitrous oxide sedation, to those who need it. You’ll be kept extremely comfortable throughout your entire visit.


A dental implant is a titanium screw that’s surgically installed into a patient’s jawbone. A connecting piece is attached on top of it to hold an artificial prosthetic in place, typically a dental crown. This restorative service is provided to patients who are missing teeth.

Implants can last for a long time if you dutifully look after your oral health by brushing and flossing after every meal, eating healthy foods, and following the advice of your dentist.

Since this treatment requires at least two separate procedures, you’ll need to take time to allow your mouth to heal following each one. After the screw is placed, it will need time to fuse with your jawbone; this process takes around 5-7 months. When the abutment and crown are placed, you’ll need to give yourself another week or two to recover.

Yes, the process is called same-day dental implants. You won’t need to wait several months for your mouth to heal nor will you have to wear temporary prosthetics while the implants are being made. However, this process isn’t suitable for every case; talk to our dentists here at McCall Dental to learn more.

You can treat your implants just like your ordinary teeth. Brushing, flossing, eating healthy foods, attending frequent dental exams, and wearing a mouthguard while playing sports can all help maintain your dental implants for years to come.

This treatment boasts a 95% success rate. Patients who receive dental implants experience a significant increase in not just their oral health but their overall health and wellness. Contact our local dental clinic today to arrange a time to come in and receive this service.