Pediatric Dentistry Near You

We love our kids and would do anything for them. A big part of being a parent or guardian is making sure that our children stay healthy, and that includes prioritizing their dental health.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s recommended that you bring in your child for their first dental appointment by their very first birthday, or when their first tooth emerges. Doing so is important, but it can be a bit overwhelming; that’s why pediatric dentistry exists.

For more information about this particular field, contact your dentist in NE Calgary. They’ll be able to address all your questions and refer you to a children’s specialist.

pediatric dentistry near you

What is Pediatric Dentistry Near Me?

Known by its more general term of children’s dentistry, this is a branch of dentistry that focuses on delivering dental treatment to kids and young adults. These individuals are exclusively trained in how to deal with children’s behaviours and possess in-depth knowledge about their anatomy and how it evolves as they grow up.

Kids and adults alike should attend biannual dental cleanings and checkups. This is especially important for youngsters because their bodies are constantly changing. Routine visits allow their dentist to monitor their oral hygiene as well as identify and fix any issues before they get out of hand.

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The Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry in NE Calgary Services

Described below are just some of the many benefits of taking your child to see a pediatric specialist:

  • They’re highly qualified to work with kids and families. Unlike general dentists, pediatric dentists are required to complete additional training that centers around developmental psychology, engaging with patients who have special needs, as well as a residency.
  • They know how to keep your kids calm and happy. There’s no need to worry; your child will be in good hands during their appointment.
  • They’ll educate your kids about good oral health care. This includes showing them the proper method for brushing and flossing.
  • Their clinics are decorated with bright colours and lots of toys.

Once your child reaches eighteen years of age, you’ll need to take them to see a general dentist.

If you looking to receive pediatric dentistry near you, then we’ve got you covered. At McCall Dental, our friendly staff is ready and waiting to assist you with all your needs. Call, visit our website, or come into our clinic to get started. We look forward to working with you and your family soon!


A great rule of thumb to abide by is the following: your kiddo should attend their very first dental visit approximately 6 months after their first tooth erupts or once they turn one year old.

While general and pediatric dentists are qualified to provide all the same treatments, pediatric dentists possess specialized knowledge about how children’s bodies develop. They also know how to handle various behaviors and educate children about looking after their smiles.

Pediatric dental services include teeth cleanings and exams, fluoride, applying dental sealants, fillings, and more serious procedures like root canal therapy. They will also teach your child proper brushing and flossing techniques.

Kiddos are just like adults! That said, they should be visiting their dentist every 6 months or so.

Dental x-rays are safe for patients of all ages and that includes children. A very minimal amount of radiation is emitted from the machine, but all patients are provided with a lead apron that shields their neck and chest from these rays.

Nowadays, more dental clinics are using digital x-rays as opposed to traditional film x-rays, which give up significantly less radiation.

Take them to see their pediatric dentist as soon as you can. The quicker you do, the higher the chances are of fully repairing their smile.