Root Canal Near You

Hidden within the core of your tooth, like a special treasure, is a fleshy substance known as the pulp. The pulp contains blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves and helps keep your tooth alive.

When infection and other bacteria reach your pulp, this can cause significant pain when eating or talking. If this happens, the best way to preserve what’s left of your tooth is by receiving root canal therapy.

If you’re needing root canal therapy in NE Calgary, reach out to a dentist to learn more.

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Receiving Root Canal Therapy

You’ll be required to come in for at least two separate appointments to restore your tooth and get your oral health back to normal.

During your initial appointment, your dentist will conduct a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums, alongside taking a series of high-quality x-rays. Each of these measures allows them to establish an accurate image of your dental hygiene and identify the extent of damaged impacting your tooth.

Next, impressions will be taken of your tooth – these are sent off to the dental lab where your dental crown is made. You’ll be given a local anesthesia injection that will keep you comfortable during the procedure. A drill is used to reach the pulp inside your tooth so that all the debris can be scraped out. The site will be thoroughly rinsed and then sealed with a temporary crown.

On average, it takes between two to three weeks for your permanent crown to be created. When it’s ready, you’ll return for a follow-up appointment and have it installed. Your dentist will make sure that your crown fits you properly and that everything is fine with your bite.

And there you are! A restored smile! So long as you maintain good habits like brushing and flossing daily, and come in for dental cleanings and checkups, you won’t have to worry about dealing with oral pain any longer.

For more information, contact your dentist about undergoing root canal therapy in NE Calgary. They’ll answer any questions and concerns you may have.

The Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Regardless of the horror stories you may have heard from friends or family, root canal therapy near you is not a scary procedure. In fact, it’s a great one that offers you multiple benefits that help you preserve and maintain your oral health. Those advantages are:

  • Most importantly, it saves your tooth! Being able to save your real tooth is far better than having to replace it with an artificial one or having it pulled.
  • Boosting the overall appearance of your smile. Your dental crown can be made to blend in with your neighbouring teeth.
  • It stops infection and bacteria from spreading.
  • Eliminates oral pain.
  • Restoring your ability to eat all your favourite foods.

At McCall Dental, we offer root canal therapy near you. Our staff is ready and willing to assist you with all your oral health needs. So, if you’re looking to receive convenient, reliable treatment for your infected tooth, give us a call or head to our website to book an appointment today!

General Dentistry Near You

When you come in to receive general dentistry in NE Calgary, your dentist will typically treat your teeth and gums. The primary goal of general dentistry is to preserve your oral health and help you maintain it in the future. This entails preventing the development of cavities, sores, and gum disease.

general dentistry near you

Dental Cleanings and Checkups

Dentists recommend receiving a cleaning and checkup twice a year, or at least every six months. During these appointments, your dentist removes all plaque and tartar from your mouth, takes a series of x-rays, and provides you with a fluoride treatment to keep decay from manifesting. All these steps are done because they allow your dentist to establish an accurate picture of your oral health.

General dentistry is also known as family dentistry or preventative dentistry. This branch of oral health care is primarily focused on preserving your smile and, by extension, limiting the potential for more serious issues to occur. When you undergo treatment for general dentistry near you, the appointment will begin with a physical evaluation of your teeth and gums and x-rays. Your hygiene habits at home will also be discussed. This information helps your dentist establish a clear picture of the health of your smile and identify the appropriate steps that need to be taken next. For more information about general dentistry in NE Calgary, contact us at McCall Dental today.

Sedation Dentistry

Does the thought of going to the dentist cause you to feel anxious? Are you unable to sit still in the dental chair? Maybe your teeth are very sensitive when you’re having dental work done. Regardless of the reason, our clinic provides sedation dentistry, specifically nitrous oxide sedation, to those who need it. You’ll be kept extremely comfortable throughout your entire visit.


A root canal is a well-known means of restorative dentistry. The main purpose of this treatment is to save your tooth from severe decay and infection. If it’s left to spread to other areas in your mouth, it can lead to further problems like bone deterioration.

Typically, a root canal is performed when a buildup of bacteria either due to poor brushing or an infection damages the inner core of the tooth. This is where the pulp resides, which contains blood vessels and nerves. When it’s injured, this can cause you to experience a lot of pain.

The following are common symptoms that can indicate that you need to undergo a root canal to get back to optimal oral health:

  1. Persistent sensitivity to hot and cold things.
  2. Chronic tooth pain.
  3. Pus from infected comes.
  4. A blackened tooth.
  5. A cavity that’s gone untreated.

Don’t let the stories get to you; a root canal isn’t a horrifying experience. Your dentist will ensure that you’re nothing less than comfortable before your procedure is done. They’ll provide you with an anesthetic injection that will numb the area. You won’t feel anything while your dentist is working.

As is the case with any health treatment, there are some risks you should be aware of. Discoloration, sinus congestion, and re-infection of the pulp can occur, but it is rare. Root canal therapy boasts a 95% success rate. If you have questions, contact our dentists today.

One of the most significant yet simplest things you can do to prevent the need for this treatment is to brush and floss every day. Eating well, not smoking, and attending routine dental appointments will help too.