The Importance Of Mouthguard For Teeth Grinding

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Many people grind or clench their teeth very frequently. Bruxism, a medical term for teeth grinding, is not usually harmful, but if done on a frequent basis, it can cause tooth decay and further oral health problems. Although anxiety and stress can cause teeth grinding, it is likely to happen while you are sleeping and is brought on by an unbalanced bite, missing teeth, or misaligned teeth. It can also be brought on by a sleep illness like sleep apnea.

What signs do I have of teeth grinding?

Most people aren’t aware that they clench their teeth because it happens while sleeping. When you wake up, you may notice a dull, ongoing headache or an aching jaw. Often, a close one who listens to the grinding in the middle of the night informs the person that they are grinding their teeth. If you think you might be clenching your teeth, reach out to a dentist in NE Calgary. They can check your jaw and mouth for symptoms of bruxism, like jaw pain and excessive tooth wear.

What are the benefits of mouthguards?

  • It protects the teeth from damage – By softening the impacts of clenching while sleeping, a dental night guard protects the teeth from harm. This cushion barrier protects teeth from chipping and wearing down, two of the most prevalent problems related to teeth clenching.
  • Helps to prevent headache and jaw pain – Clenching one’s teeth at night puts a lot of strain on the jaw. Many persons who clench their teeth will experience different amounts of jaw pain. This jaw pain can develop into chronic headaches and even migraines, making it difficult for individuals to function throughout the day.
  • Prevent clenching teeth in sleep – Wearing a nightguard will allow them to get a better night’s sleep because many people who clench their teeth at night will wake themselves up when they are clenching. Because night guards are designed to keep one’s muscles relaxed when sleeping, they take the majority of the force of clenching.

What causes teeth grinding to be harmful?

In certain people, frequent tooth grinding can cause loosening, fracturing, or even the teeth loss. Constant grinding can cause teeth to become stump-like. When these things happen, crowns, implants, bridges, partial dentures, root canals, and even full dentures can be necessary. Grinding your teeth can injure your teeth and lead to tooth loss, but it can also impact your jaws, create or worsen TMJ, and transform the appearance of your face.

Do Children Grind Their Teeth?

Teeth grinding isn’t just an adult issue. When a child’s baby teeth first erupt and when their permanent teeth begin to erupt, they are more likely to grind their teeth. When these two sets of teeth are fully grown, the majority of children no longer grind their teeth.

Typically, most kids clench their teeth while sleeping rather than when they are awake. Nobody is sure why kids clench their teeth. However, there are other factors to take into account, such as teeth that are not properly aligned or that have irregular upper-lower contact, diseases and other medical situations, and psychological elements like anxiety. There are not many problems when your baby grinds their teeth. However, grinding your teeth might cause TMD, tooth wear, migraines, and jaw discomfort. If your young one’s teeth appear worn or if they complain of tooth sensitivity or discomfort, bring your child to a children’s dentist in Calgary.

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